Nice Yard!

The Club rests on nine acres and is meticulously kept and cared for.

The two acre South Field is designated for kids and teens seasonal activities… all centered around the concept of “pure play”. The two acre North Field is for adult use… special events, gardens, outdoor fitness, and secluded seating areas for those looking for some quiet time. Both fields are completely fenced-in ensuring a safe environment to play and relax.
Nestled in the southeast corner of the property, adjacent to the kiddie pool, is the 2-5 year old playground designed by Landscape Structures… a world leader in high quality play systems. The poured-in-place rubber playground surface is from Safety Turf… the most resilient and safe surface for children to play on.

Another interesting feature on the grounds is the “giving” fountain. Designed by Allison Armour the Aqualens water feature is located at the Clubhouse entrance encouraging members and guests to toss their spare change and make a wish before entering. These monies will be collected by the children seasonally and donated to local charities. The fountain is not only magical in its design… its presence will be a daily reminder of our civic responsibility to share with those in need.
The grounds will be ever evolving with future plans for Bocce Ball Courts and other fun, group-centric activities. Also on the drawing board is the kitchen’s herb and vegetable garden. This garden will be maintained by the kitchen staff and interested members.

For parking on the grounds, there are 200 paved spots and another 100 in the overflow area in the South Field. Plenty of parking for daily use and special events. We also have a bicycle rack for those choosing to come to the Club under their own power.

A very nice yard… and you don't have to mow it!