What's Happening!

Members will enjoy access to a wide range of events and activities that will enable them to meet and forge new friendship within The Cambridge Club community.
In keeping with Strathmore traditions, the Club will resurrect old favorites such as family movie night, teen night, mahjong, and ice cream socials. Moving forward, the Club is planning concerts on the grounds, date nights, group play, adult-only pool nights, comedy nights, mystery dinners and cooking workshops… just for starters. For teens, Pokemon Go nights, and year-long video game tournaments are all in the works.
Clubs within a club is a concept the Club will also introduce. The members, in conjunction with the Club, can design and run their own specialty clubs, such as a Cooking Club, a Yoga Club, an Organic Gardening Club or a teens’ Gaming Club… the variety of interests are limitless! Clubs within a club creates social bonds between members who share interests, commonalities or to those who just want to learn new things or meet new members! The Club will assist in finding like-minded members and will provide help in getting Clubs up and running.
Holidays are special events at The Cambridge Club. The Club will go all out for Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day weekends! In the fall we look forward to celebrating Rosh Hashanah, Halloween and Thanksgiving. For winter, Christmas and New Years. For spring, Easter and Mothers Day.
There will be no shortage of happening events!